Simple Loyalty Card and Gift Card Packages

Everything you need to start your gift card or loyalty card programme: gift card software, loyalty card software, hardware, POS materials and custom printed plastic cards, all simple to use and at a great price. Our systems work out-of-the-box with minimial installation required.

With over 10 years in the plastic card industry and our own manufacturing facilities, we have the know-how to make sure your gift or loyalty card programme gets off to the best start.

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How loyalty cards would benefit your business

  • Generate recurring footfall with incentives.
  • Collate a quality database of customer data, enabling you to target marketing more effectively. Why not send further incentives to customers who don't visit so often.
  • The high-quality card is a great tool to promote your business - get your card in your customers wallets!
  • Companies can increase revenues by nearly 50% by retaining only 5% of their customer base [Frederick Reichheid, author of The Loyalty Effect].
  • Consumer spending is 46% higher with companies that offer loyalty card programmes [1999 Loyalty Monitor study by Total Research Corp. and Custom Marketing Corp.].
  • In the US, over 60% of households said that loyalty card programmes were important in their shopping decisions [AC Neilson].

Get started with your own loyalty scheme today by contacting us and get the upper hand over your competition.

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  • Gift card return on investment figures for small businesses

How gift cards would benefit your business

  • Offer a new gift product to your customers.
  • More secure than gift vouchers, higher perceived value and often cheaper to produce.
  • Get prepaid sales.
  • Many customers will spend more than the card value.

Loyalty schemes deliver value in three key areas

Loyalty Schemes for Generating Footfall

Increasing footfall is the main focus of any loyalty scheme or rewards program. Giving your customers special offers for the next time they come to your store not only encourages return visits but also increases their spend.

The key to keeping your customers interested in your loyalty scheme is:

  • Keeping the loyalty scheme points to rewards ratio simple and easy to understand so that the customer can really see the benefit of the loyalty scheme.
  • Offering new and exciting loyalty scheme incentives that are well publicised.
  • Providing special offer days and weeks during which multiples of the normal loyalty scheme points are offered, for example 'double points this Tuesday'.

Loyalty Schemes for Targeted Marketing

Since each loyalty scheme customer has a unique card number, you can track who is spending what and the frequency with which your customers are visiting. You can compile mailing lists of your top loyalty scheme customers to really develop your relationship and ensure that they feel valued. Why not send £5 gift cards to customers who do not visit as often as you would like. This way you are creating incentive to come into store and raising your brand awareness.

Loyalty Schemes for Increased Brand Exposure

Many stores report that they love having a card in their customers' wallets with their branding, message and contact details right there on it. Issuing loyalty cards is a way to raise awareness for your business and increase the quality perception that your customers have for you through a custom designed, quality plastic card.

TeleGiftCard Provides All You Need

The TeleGiftCard loyalty card software works on any Windows computer, including existing EPOS systems. We provide an end-to-end service:

  • All hardware and loyalty card software required for a one-off cost.
  • Custom design and loyalty card production.
  • Point of sale display systems.
  • Loyalty scheme consultation - draw on our experience to maximise your success.

Loyalty Scheme and Gift Card Software Features

  • Easy to install on a Windows network, no need to upload transactions at the end of the day.
  • Setup loyalty scheme incentives. When the customer has enough loyalty scheme points, these offers are printed on their receipt, providing the incentive to return soon.
  • Preset points-per-pound value so you just type in the amount when you make a sale and the loyalty scheme points are worked out and automatically credited to the card.
  • When a customer wants to redeem a loyalty scheme offer, just swipe the card and pick the offer.
  • Loyalty scheme points correction facilities.
  • Swipe in, swipe out facility for fixed loyalty scheme points per visit.
  • Thorough reporting of loyalty scheme and gift card customer transaction values and times. Easy-to-use filtering and sorting to find the customers you are interested in.
  • Export loyalty scheme customer data for use with mailing programs such as Microsoft Word.

Ongoing Support and Custom Projects

We don't just sell loyalty scheme and gift card products; we are constantly researching and developing new product lines. A relationship with TeleGiftCard means valuable support, advice and future discounts on new and exciting technologies.

Our current development projects include:

  • Mobile loyalty schemes and gift card for use on-the-go. Seamlessly ties into your in-store systems. Smart card and mobile network communications options.
  • Multiple site loyalty schemes and gift card including administrative features for setting up advanced schemes across many outlets. Multi-site reporting and site-level login for store managers.
  • Website integration. Sell gift cards online and integrate gift and loyalty schemes into all your online transactions, driving business forward using all sales channels.
  • Data mining and custom report generation. Our new products use our powerful transaction servers, enabling us to write powerful data analysis tools to make the most of your valuable data and even write reports just for you.