Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate with my existing website?

Your website can be integrated with our flagship SmartScheme gift and loyalty card software. We supply a SOAP API that your website developer can use to integrate our balance checking and card transaction services into your e-commerce website. The involvement of our services are completely invisible to your website customers.

Are there any contracts involved?

A 1 month rolling contract is used and there is no minimum term.

How long does it take to get setup?

Plan for 3 working weeks but it depends how long you spend in the card design phase with our designers.

Do your schemes use chip cards?

No. Chip cards usually cost over £1 and for most customers that is not acceptable. Our products are designed to keep your costs down whilst not compromising on the quality of features available.

As we don't use chip cards we can offer you integration with your website for e-commerce, something that is not usually possible with chip cards.

How do I find out more?

We would love to talk you through the product and set of features that would suit you best. We can also give you an online walkthrough of the products to help you understand how easy they are to use.