SmartScheme: Gift & Loyalty for Many Outlets

What is the TeleGiftCard software? Everything you need to set up a gift card or loyalty service between multiple outlets: cards, POS materials and online reporting and marketing tools.

Why use TeleGiftCard? Get pre-paid sales, increase brand loyalty and introduce new customers to your store through a conveniently packaged, attractive and secure card.

Gift card for small business Designed for businesses with more than one outlet who want the card to work as one across all outlets. Cheaply scales to any number of outlets.

Low cost giftcard A very low setup cost with a flat-rate fee charged each month.

EPOS integration PDQ terminals

POS Options

There are many different ways to access the platform in store:

  • Simple web-based system from any computer
  • Swipe-card WiFi terminal
  • Direct EPOS integration
  • Connection to your website


Our gift card and loyalty card platform supports the following features:

  • Full gift and stored value card functionality.
  • Loyalty and offers cards may be used in any store or online.
  • Powerful online reporting features to analyse customer performance.
  • Online marketing suite for generating mail shots and e-mail campaigns based on customers' details:
    • Send offers to customers with upcoming birthdays.
    • Keep in contact with customers who haven't visited lately.
    • Develop a relationship with your most valuable customers.

The easiest and quickest way to connect to our networks is by using our web-based till system - all you need is a computer with web access!

Head office can log into their gift card or loyalty programme via the internet through our easy-to-use web control panel and retrieve various pre-prepared reports for accounting and performance monitoring purposes.


Our network implements high-levels of redundancy, meaning it comes with very high up-time guarantees. It has been running for two years with no recorded down-time.


Our security procedures are second-to-none. Our network is highly protected and implements several layers of encryption and access control and is not publicly accessible to the internet without strong authentication and encrypted protocols.