In most cases setup costs are very low - under £500! In cases where a project demands bespoke planning or there are a large number of outlets (>100) we would require a formal scoping procedure where we get to know your project in more detail and can produce accurate costings for you.

Ongoing Costs

SmartScheme connections are charged at a low, monthly rate. We charge flat rates to ensure transparency and predictability. Our customers pay as little as £3.99 per outlet each month for a simple gift card provision! See what we can do for YOU today and request a callback.

You choose whether you want a plain loyalty / gift card service or whether you want to make use of our automated e-mail campaigns for high customer retention. You can always upgrade once you prove that your scheme is working for you!

Please fill in our contact form now and find out how you can be creating new products and earning more from your existing customers.