Loyalty Features & Principles

How Loyalty Works

There are two main goals to setting up a loyalty scheme: providing incentives for your customers to return, and building a quality database of your customers' details and spending habits. Our Windows® software makes both simple.

Customer Incentives

The TeleGiftCard software makes it easy and can handle most ideas you may have for your loyalty scheme.

The most commonly used loyalty scheme works as follows:

  1. Each time you swipe a loyalty card through your till, the software automatically calculates how many points to award based on a preset points-per-pound value you can set. For example, you might want to award 5 points for each pound spend in store.
  2. The software lets you easily setup customer incentives for example, earn 1000 points and get 10% off a purchase.
  3. When a customer uses their card as normal but has enough points for an incentive, the special offer is printed on their receipt. This entices them to visit your store again soon and make a large purchase to take advantage of the percentage off.
  4. The next time the customer comes into your store to make a purchase, they present the receipt or tell the sales assistant which offer they would like to use - the card is swiped and the offer is easily chosen. If the customer has enough points then the 1000 points are deducted from the card and the sales assistant can apply the offer to the purchase.

Customer Data

A form can be provided for the customer to fill in when they request a loyalty card, the sales assistant just writes the card number on the form, or the customer's details can be taken at the point-of-sale and typed into the software directly. The software allows for as many details as you require to be stored about each customer.

Each time a customer uses their card, the software records information about the amount of the sale and the date, allowing for tracking of the customer's spending habits.

Easy-to-use but powerful reporting gives you access to your customers' details in list form or on a per-card basis. Export data for use in mail-merging when you want to send out marketing to your customers.

Software Features

The flash animations below will demonstrate how the software works with simple walkthoughs of common functions. If you are ready to try the software, fill in our download request form and get a 15-day evaluation copy! The software is designed with speed and ease of use in mind, so you will find that all commonly used features have small numbers of easy-to-follow steps.

Add Points to a Loyalty Card

Once you have completed the main financial transaction, bring up the TeleGiftCard software and then:

  1. Press 'Loyalty Sale' on your touch screen.
  2. Swipe the card.
  3. Either key the value of the sale (if you have set up a points-per-pound preference), or key the number of points to add to the card.
  4. Hit 'OK'!
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Redeem Points on a Loyalty Card

To encourage customers to use their loyalty cards, offers are needed which may be redeemed in exchange for points. For example, a 10% discount might be applied whenever 50 points are redeemed. These offers can be set up in the TeleGiftCard software so when the customer comes to the point of sale, the cashier need only select which offer is appropriate.

To redeem points, load the TeleGiftCard software and then:

  1. Press 'Offer Redemption' on your touch screen.
  2. Swipe the card.
  3. Choose the offer to be redeemed.
  4. Hit 'OK'!
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Access Administrative Features

A system administrator may login with a special user name and password in order to access protected features, set up and reporting including the following:

  • Fully customisable reporting.
  • User configuration - choose which features each user may access.
  • Ammend gift and loyalty card balances manually.
  • System backup.
  • Add a new batch of cards to the system.
  • Activate cards in bulk - for example, may be used to send out ready-activated cards for a mailshot.
  • Setup presets such as payment types, fixed values and loyalty offers.
  • Receipt set up and printer set up.
Administrator login screenshot
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