Reseller Opportunities

Sell our products and earn great returns for your time.

It's easy to generate sales with our gift card and loyalty card products

Sell Our Products as an Agent

Want to sell our products but not have to deal with chasing up payments from the customer or order fulfillment? Our agency scheme is for you!

We will provide you with all you need to demonstrate our products and arrange for a deposit to be collected from the customer, the rest is up to us. We pay you a standard rate of commission on each sale that reaches completion.

Sell Our Products Through Your Own Business

Run your own business and want to sell our products, maintaining a close relationship with your customers, whilst reaping greater returns? Become a distributor!

Our distributors enjoy higher returns than agents, are able to buy software licenses in volume at great discounts and may set their prices as they see fit (we will recommend a retail price).

Enjoy the Comfort of Exclusivity

Get a link to your operation on our sales pages and let us drive business to you. We'll even send you leads who enquire directly to us but reside in your territory!

Both our agents and distributors are granted exclusivity if they are first in their territory to apply and subject to performance during a fair trial period.

Get in contact for more information and our commission/discount lists.